Our Studio Craftsmen’s Process

Craftsmanship from start to finish

Wood Monkey Studio’s solid wood live edge tables are made from a variety of wood species such as American Walnut, Oak, Apple, Cherry, Maple, Cedar and other fantastic woods.  To the extent possible, we salvage or reclaim the bulk of our wood.  From time to time we also incorporate responsibly harvested exotic woods such as Mahogany, Tigerwood, Sapele, Purpleheart and others.  The domestic logs and slabs are sourced mainly from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  Once selected, the painstaking process begins.

Using a horizontal bandsaw, logs are oriented to produce the most pleasing grain and yield, then sliced to rough dimensions.  They are then air-dried for a period of up to two years. Residual moisture is removed in a solar kiln which can take up to three months.  The slabs are then surfaced on both sides to achieve flat faces.  They have to wait up to one more month inside the studio before work begins to transform the raw slab into a beautiful table.

Design and Fabrication

A Wood Monkey Studio table is designed and crafted after discussions with each customer.  These discussions are informative, instructive and importantly reassuring and fun.  Typically the customer provides a general indication of preferred sizes and also any special characteristics such as wood species, leg materials, stylistic desires, etc.  A hand sketch or computer rendering of the table showing dimensions and specifications is then prepared by Wood Monkey Studio craftsmen.  The design is then presented to the customer showing all agreed features and requirements.  At this point we are ready to commence the hard work of cutting, sanding, routing and other woodcraft processes.

Final Finishes, Quality Assurance and Shipping

The most striking feature of a solid wood table is the timelessness of the wood grains and colorings.  For that reason the recommended and most popular finish is a simple clear finish.  Stains are applied sparingly to avoid spoiling the natural coloring and to avoid creating an unnatural looking product.  Imperfections and cracks are typically filled with clear or tinted epoxy.  The grains and colors of the wood in a Wood Monkey Studio solid wood table are both subtle and striking.  This is achieved by applying the finish coating, letting it dry and then finish sanding.  This process is then repeated several times until the table has a deep finish that looks extraordinarily clear and minimal.  When all craftsmanship and finishing has been completed each table is assembled and inspected.  If the table is being shipped, they are carefully wrapped and packed into a sturdy shipping crate.