Salvaged or Reclaimed…what’s the difference and why does it matter?

You may hear a lot of people talking about SALVAGED this and RECLAIMED that, but what do these buzz words really mean?  Well everyone probably has a different take on this, but here’s what it means to us.

Salvaged wood is obtained by finding it in an already fallen state or one that is still standing, but has been slated to become firewood or just wood chips.  This happens all too often and we do what we can to find these doomed trees.

Reclaimed wood is obtained by reusing or re-purposing something that was used for something else entirely.  Example, we may find some large timbers from an old bridge or other structure.  We then rework these into a variety of furniture and decor as the opportunities present themselves.  The beauty about these types of wood is that they often-times carry very unique character due to their age and heritage.